Welcome to the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute (CoRIS) at Oregon State University!

The mission at CoRIS is to study the theory, design, development and deployment of robots and intelligent systems in both the physical world and virtual environments.

CoRIS conducts cutting-edge research. This has propelled Oregon State’s robotics and AI programs to international prominence and attracts elite researchers and top-tier students. However, merely focusing on technology results in a static one-dimensional perspective into a complex world. That is not enough. Thus, CoRIS emphasizes the human element of robotics and AI by asking:

What impact has the robotics revolution had on individuals?

On Society?

How will robotics and AI changing our communities and our culture in one year? In twenty?

How will our growing dependence on these systems alter interactions between us and intelligent machines?

By asking these questions, this interdisciplinary institute ensures that Oregon State’s robotics and AI students understand the responsibilities that attend the development and deployment of a technology whose enormous impact on real people, every day, stretches far beyond the lab. By exploring the ethical, political, and legal implications of robotics, we can understand the scope and scale of the social and technological disruption and provide realistic assessments of how private and public institutions can take identify and take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

CoRIS shapes policy. We reach outside the university to educate policymakers, educators, and the public about the realities and myths of robotics and AI, about their promise and pitfalls.

CoRIS fosters collaboration. Building on the strong collaborative research culture that is a hallmark of Oregon State, CoRIS has nurtured flourishing relationships between robotics/AI and disciplines that leverage robotic technology in oceanography, forestry, agriculture, atmospheric science and others. Robots and intelligent systems are the future of science, technology, and society.

CoRIS leads the way.