Below are some of the final posters created by Robotics in the Real World REU students.

2016 Proposed REU Project Descriptions


Improving Grasp Simulation Visuals by Julio Medina

Digital-Domain Spider Replication by Andrew Metz and Laura Sevcik

 Interpreting Intentions in Coordinated Tasks by Abby Van Soest


3D Imaging and Path Sensing for ROS by Juan Diaz

Analyzing Policy Level Exploration within a Multi-Agent RLD by Tobi Ogunyale

Autonomous Wheelchair Sensors by Brandon Gaydusek

Spiderweb Intersection Detection by Phillip Hilliard

Privacy and Telepresence Focus Groups by Margarett Krupp


A Novel Liquid Metal 3D Printer by Walker Gosrich


3D Printing with multi-part Silicon by Ronnie Kisor




2015 Proposed REU Project Descriptions

Semi-automated Grasp Testing by Akanimoh Adeleye



Developing a Mobile App for The Volume Viewer Soft by Amail Krigger


Look, Grab, Move: Capturing Human-Centric Grasping Data by Brendan John



Deployable Pop-Up Structures for Programmable Surfaces by Eley Ng


Navigation with the Platypus Lutra by Nikki Gantos

Improving the ROS Ecosystem by Steven Huerta