The 2018 REU application.  This application closes on Feb 9th at Noon pacific time.    

Program Requirements:

Cumulative GPA above 3.0

US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Enrollment in an accredited college or university as an undergraduate in fall 2018

Personal Health Insurance

Application Components

The application contains several components.  We suggest that you gather all the information you need before starting the application. 

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Birthdate
  • Health Insurance Status (if you are accepted into the program you will need to provide proof of insurance).
  • Expected Degree & Graduation Date
  • University Information (University Name, address, your major and GPA) – for all Colleges/Universities you have attended. 
  • Rank your interest in each project (1-very interested, 2- interested, 3 – not interested) The 2018 Robotics in the Real World project descriptions can be found here. 
  • Short essay: Briefly explain what interests you about your preferred projects and robotics in general
  • Rank your experience with a conglomerated set of skills need for all of the projects (the skill set is listed on the application)
  • Short essay: Briefly explain your past projects that have prepared you for the REU. This could include Robotics Club projects, competitions, novel software written, interesting electronic devices created, model airplanes, rebuilding an engine, interesting SolidWorks models, etc. We primarily seek initiative and talent, irrespective of the specific area of engineering
  • Short Essay: Briefly explain any leadership, outreach, or increasing diversity activities you have participated in.
  • Please provide a brief statement (500 words or less) describing your academic and career goals and how your REU experience might benefit those goals.
  • Provide contact information for two references
  • General demographic information
  • Upload a CV/Resume & Transcript

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to send email to either Bill Smart or Cindy Grimm.