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A Brief History of Our Growth:  http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/industry/2013/12/30/building-a-future/
Graduate students:
Apply through MIME admissions or EECS admissions. Students should identify one or more prospective advisors from the robotics faculty page and apply to the corresponding program(s) (MIME and/or EECS). If you are currently a graduate student at OSU, you should contact the robotics faculty members directly.
Undergraduate students:
Apply through Oregon State University admissions, most likely in MIME or EECS. If you are currently an undergraduate student at OSU, we recommend you start taking robotics courses and join the Robotics Club as a way to get involved.  We also have an NSF REU site Robots in the Real World.
Undegraduate Research Opportunities:
1) Undergraduate collaborative research opportunity for Oregon State University students with CEOAS and MIME faculty:
Title: Autonomous Research Vessels to Explore Extreme Ocean Environments
Project summary: There are many ocean environments which are unsuitable for manned research vessels, either because they are too dangerous (i.e., near a calving glacier), or require too many resources to be be effective.  We seek to design a new generation of Autonomous Research Vessels (ARVs) that can be programmed to measure ocean dynamics in extreme environments.  This research project involves the design, construction, and programing of robust systems that will be used to explore ocean dynamics in Greenland, Alaska, and in remote ocean basins.

  • Experience building and programming robotic vehicles
  • Solid mathematics / engineering background
  • Senior or Junior classification

PIs: Jonathan Nash (CEOAS), Geoff Hollinger (MIME)
To apply: Send your resume to nash@coas.oregonstate.edu and geoff.hollinger@oregonstate.edu